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Most Cited Articles of University of Da Nang in 2016

A performance comparison of multi-objective optimization algorithms for solving nearly-zero-energy-building design problemsEnergy and Buildings2016185
On the high temperature mechanical behaviors analysis of heated functionally graded plates using FEM and a new third-order shear deformation plate theoryComposites Part B: Engineering2016132
A novel Multiple Objective Symbiotic Organisms Search (MOSOS) for time–cost–labor utilization tradeoff problemKnowledge-Based Systems201698
Assessing the susceptibility of gap-graded soils to internal erosion: proposition of a new experimental methodologyNatural Hazards201657
Binding of Divalent Cations to Polygalacturonate: A Mechanism Driven by the Hydration WaterJournal of Physical Chemistry B201656
Hybrid artificial intelligence approach based on metaheuristic and machine learning for slope stability assessment: A multinational data analysisExpert Systems With Applications201652
Predicting Compressive Strength of High-Performance Concrete Using Metaheuristic-Optimized Least Squares Support Vector RegressionJournal of Computing in Civil Engineering201650
Effect of the load direction on non-nominal five-pad tilting-pad journal bearingsTribology International201645
Cyclic-di-AMP synthesis by the diadenylate cyclase CdaA is modulated by the peptidoglycan biosynthesis enzyme GlmM in Lactococcus lactisMolecular Microbiology201641
Supply chain information sharing: challenges and risk mitigation strategiesJournal of Manufacturing Technology Management201640
Combination of non-thermal plasma and Pd/LaMnO3 for dilute trichloroethylene abatementChemical Engineering Journal201637
Skeleton-Based Abnormal Gait DetectionSensors201635
Repeating a Monologue Under Increasing Time Pressure: Effects on Fluency, Complexity, and AccuracyTESOL Quarterly201633
Estimating Compressive Strength of High Performance Concrete with Gaussian Process Regression ModelAdvances in Civil Engineering201633
Modelling the evolution of microstructure and transport properties of cement pastes under conditions of accelerated leachingConstruction and Building Materials201633
Tyrosinase inhibitory activity of flavonoids from Artocarpus heterophyllousChemistry Central Journal201628
Carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment sources and retention in a small eutrophic tropical reservoirAquatic Sciences201624
Catalytic Hydrogenation of d-Xylose Over Ru Decorated Carbon Foam Catalyst in a SpinChem® Rotating Bed ReactorTopics in Catalysis201624
Surface enhanced Raman scattering of melamine on silver substrate: An experimental and DFT studySpectrochimica Acta - Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy201624
Insight into the antioxidant properties of non-phenolic terpenoids contained in essential oils extracted from the buds of Cleistocalyx operculatus: a DFT studyRSC Advances201624
Metaphors as a window into identity: A study of teachers of English to young learners in VietnamSystem201622
A method to generate lattice structure for Additive Manufacturing201617
A Hybrid Neural Network Model for Sales Forecasting Based on ARIMA and Search Popularity of Article TitlesComputational Intelligence and Neuroscience201616
On the Cascadability of All-Optical Wavelength Converter for High-Order QAM FormatsJournal of Lightwave Technology201614
Estimating Concrete Workability Based on Slump Test with Least Squares Support Vector RegressionJournal of Construction Engineering201612