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1Neuropathological stageing of Alzheimer-related changesActa Neuropathologica199113,376
2Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing by a Standardized Single Disk MethodAmerican Journal of Clinical Pathology196613,055
3The 2016 World Health Organization Classification of Tumors of the Central Nervous System: a summaryActa Neuropathologica201612,144
4Apoptosis: A Review of Programmed Cell DeathToxicologic Pathology200710,063
5The 2007 WHO Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous SystemActa Neuropathologica20079,898
6A Colorimetric Method for the Determination of Serum Glutamic Oxalacetic and Glutamic Pyruvic TransaminasesAmerican Journal of Clinical Pathology19577,769
7Human papillomavirus is a necessary cause of invasive cervical cancer worldwideJournal of Pathology19997,095
8pathological prognostic factors in breast cancer. I. The value of histological grade in breast cancer: experience from a large study with long‐term follow‐upHistopathology19915,194
9Tissue distribution of ACE2 protein, the functional receptor for SARS coronavirus. A first step in understanding SARS pathogenesisJournal of Pathology20044,749
10A guided tour into subcellular colocalization analysis in light microscopyJournal of Microscopy20064,250
11Antibiotic susceptibility testing by a standardized single disk methodAmerican Journal of Clinical Pathology19663,981
12Astrocytes: biology and pathologyActa Neuropathologica20103,978
13Cellular and molecular mechanisms of fibrosisJournal of Pathology20083,551
14The Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype: The Dark Side of Tumor SuppressionAnnual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease20103,486
15The efficiency of systematic sampling in stereology and its prediction*Journal of Microscopy19873,128
16Surpassing the lateral resolution limit by a factor of two using structured illumination microscopy. SHORT COMMUNICATIONJournal of Microscopy20003,109
17Diagnosis of gastrointestinal stromal tumors: A consensus approachHuman Pathology20022,968
18Immunotherapy of Diffuse Gliomas: Biological Background, Current Status and Future DevelopmentsBrain Pathology20092,884
19The causal relation between human papillomavirus and cervical cancerJournal of Clinical Pathology20022,777
20Cytochemical Identification of Monocytes and GranulocytesAmerican Journal of Clinical Pathology19712,720
21Statistical Methods for Research WorkersAmerican Journal of Clinical Pathology19452,718
22Some new, simple and efficient stereological methods and their use in pathological research and diagnosisApmis19882,680
23Autophagy: cellular and molecular mechanismsJournal of Pathology20102,657
24Apoptosis, oncosis, and necrosis. An overview of cell deathAmerican Journal of Pathology19952,376
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26The unbiased estimation of number and sizes of arbitrary particles using the disectorJournal of Microscopy19842,315
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30The new stereological tools: Disector, fractionator, nucleator and point sampled intercepts and their use in pathological research and diagnosisApmis19882,194
31Consensus statement on the pathology of IgG4-related diseaseModern Pathology20122,171
33Nanoparticle-based targeted drug deliveryExperimental and Molecular Pathology20092,149
34RNAscopeJournal of Molecular Diagnostics20122,044
35National Institute on Aging–Alzheimer’s Association guidelines for the neuropathologic assessment of Alzheimer’s disease: a practical approachActa Neuropathologica20122,002
36Apoptosis in cancer: from pathogenesis to treatmentJournal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research20111,987
37The 2019 WHO classification of tumours of the digestive systemHistopathology20201,952
38Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Athletes: Progressive Tauopathy After Repetitive Head InjuryJournal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology20091,896
39Macrophage plasticity and polarization in tissue repair and remodellingJournal of Pathology20131,868
40Histochemistry of Hepatic Phosphatases at a Physiologic pH: With Special Reference to the Demonstration of Bile CanaliculiAmerican Journal of Clinical Pathology19571,801
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43Dysplasia in inflammatory bowel disease: Standardized classification with provisional clinical applicationsHuman Pathology19831,762
44The role of tumour‐associated macrophages in tumour progression: implications for new anticancer therapiesJournal of Pathology20021,757
45Measurement of co‐localization of objects in dual‐colour confocal imagesJournal of Microscopy19931,752
46Mammalian Sirtuins: Biological Insights and Disease RelevanceAnnual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease20101,742
47Vascular Channel Formation by Human Melanoma Cells in Vivo and in Vitro: Vasculogenic MimicryAmerican Journal of Pathology19991,705
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49Oxidative Damage Is the Earliest Event in Alzheimer DiseaseJournal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology20011,670
50A Comparative Study of the Peroxidase-antiperoxidase Method and an Avidin-Biotin Complex Method for Studying Polypeptide Hormones with Radioimmunoassay AntibodiesAmerican Journal of Clinical Pathology19811,649
51Gastrointestinal stromal tumors: Pathology and prognosis at different sitesSeminars in Diagnostic Pathology20061,639
52A Method for the Combined Staining of Cells and Fibers in the Nervous SystemJournal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology19531,632
53The WHO Classification of Tumors of the Nervous SystemJournal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology20021,615
54Correlation of Alzheimer Disease Neuropathologic Changes With Cognitive Status: A Review of the LiteratureJournal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology20121,599
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57Stages of the Pathologic Process in Alzheimer Disease: Age Categories From 1 to 100 YearsJournal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology20111,562
58Simultaneous phase and amplitude extraction from a single defocused image of a homogeneous objectJournal of Microscopy20021,559
59Molecular subgroups of medulloblastoma: the current consensusActa Neuropathologica20121,536
60A new method for the model‐independent assessment of thickness in three‐dimensional imagesJournal of Microscopy19971,519
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62TNF‐mediated inflammatory diseaseJournal of Pathology20081,509
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64The New WHO Classification of Brain TumoursBrain Pathology19931,480
65Prognostic and predictive factors in breast cancer by immunohistochemical analysisModern Pathology19981,480
66Soluble Amyloid β Peptide Concentration as a Predictor of Synaptic Change in Alzheimer's DiseaseAmerican Journal of Pathology19991,471
67A method for the study of undecalcified bones and teeth with attached soft tissues*Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine19821,453
68Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) immunolocalization in paraffin sections: An index of cell proliferation with evidence of deregulated expression in some, neoplasmsJournal of Pathology19901,450
69Openings between Defective Endothelial Cells Explain Tumor Vessel LeakinessAmerican Journal of Pathology20001,449
70MicroRNAs in CancerAnnual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease20141,445
71Pathophysiology of ischaemia-reperfusion injuryJournal of Pathology20001,444
72Classification for Effective RehabilitationCriminal Justice and Behavior19901,435
73Monoclonal antibodies against recombinant parts of the Ki-67 antigen (MIB 1 and MIB 3) detect proliferating cells in microwave-processed formalin-fixed paraffin sectionsJournal of Pathology19921,424
74Molecular Genetics of Colorectal CancerAnnual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease20111,424
75Quantification of biofilm in microtiter plates: overview of testing conditions and practical recommendations for assessment of biofilm production by staphylococciApmis20071,407
76TNM staging of foregut (neuro)endocrine tumors: a consensus proposal including a grading systemVirchows Archiv Fur Pathologische Anatomie Und Physiologie Und Fur Klinische Medizin20061,403
77Pathogenesis of Liver FibrosisAnnual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease20111,382
78Stereology of arbitrary particles*Journal of Microscopy19861,375
79The Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid CytopathologyAmerican Journal of Clinical Pathology20091,368
80American Society of Clinical Oncology/College of American Pathologists Guideline Recommendations for Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 Testing in Breast CancerArchives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine20071,359
81Antioxidants in health and diseaseJournal of Clinical Pathology20011,353
82The myofibroblast in wound healing and fibrocontractive diseasesJournal of Pathology20031,350
83FlowSOM: Using self‐organizing maps for visualization and interpretation of cytometry dataCytometry Part A: the Journal of the International Society for Analytical Cytology20151,337
84Estimation of Plasma Phosphatase by Determination of Hydrolysed Phenol with Amino-antipyrineJournal of Clinical Pathology19541,328
85IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to HumansJournal of Clinical Pathology19951,326
86IntegrinsCell and Tissue Research20101,312
87Ovarian Cancer Development and MetastasisAmerican Journal of Pathology20101,312
88An Accurate and Rapid Method for the Determination of Proteins in Small Amounts of Blood Serum and PlasmaAmerican Journal of Clinical Pathology19461,300
89‘The Ideal Mesh?'Pathobiology20131,287
90Fate Tracing Reveals the Pericyte and Not Epithelial Origin of Myofibroblasts in Kidney FibrosisAmerican Journal of Pathology20101,281
91Molecular mechanisms of drug resistanceJournal of Pathology20051,270
92Extensive Involvement of Autophagy in Alzheimer Disease: An Immuno-Electron Microscopy StudyJournal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology20051,270
93Standards and Guidelines for the Interpretation and Reporting of Sequence Variants in CancerJournal of Molecular Diagnostics20171,267
94Method for the measurement of antioxidant activity in human fluidsJournal of Clinical Pathology20011,261
95Huntington DiseaseJournal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology19981,257
96Neuropathology of Parkinsonʼs DiseaseJournal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology19961,253
97Simple method of estimating severity of pulmonary fibrosis on a numerical scale.Journal of Clinical Pathology19881,252
98Genetic Pathways to Primary and Secondary GlioblastomaAmerican Journal of Pathology20071,250
99The p53 pathwayJournal of Pathology19991,235
100Determination of blood glucose using an oxidase-peroxidase system with a non-carcinogenic chromogenJournal of Clinical Pathology19691,224