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Top Schools (by citations)

#SchoolArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Department of Information Science and Media Studies1223923
2Department of Journalism and Media Studies1116313
3Centre for Film and Media Studies916122
4Faculty of Social Sciences11058042
5Institute for Media Studies998310
6Department of Political Science6951020
7School of Journalism and Media Studies118912
8Department of Communication and Psychology18241
9Department of Political Science27571
10Faculty of Social Sciences6602461
10Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences6601154
12School of Education and Communication2592824
13Institute of Communication and Media Studies45735
14Melbourne Law School3534927
15Faculty of Social Sciences3524640
16Directorate of Psychology and Public Health14951
17Division of Emerging Media Studies248811
17Department of Media Studies74822
19Centre for Cultural and Media Studies34731
20Southampton Business School14610781
20Institute of Sociology1461310
22Department of Political Science64211
23School of Humanities and Social Sciences1394354
24Department of Computer Science and Media Technology1361010
25Faculty of Social Sciences1356145
26Department of Mathematics and Statistics13496111
26Department of Nordic and Media Studies23422
28School of Social Sciences1337962
29Department of Journalism and Media Studies23269
29Communication and Media Studies13222
31Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development1297274
31Faculty of Law1296530
31School of Social Sciences429625
34Faculty of Social Sciences32849
35Department of Psychology2272648
35School of the Arts and Media3271019
35Department of Sociology1271935
38Department of Political Science1268797
39Faculty of Communication and Media Studies62511
40Faculty of Social Sciences124710
40Faculty of Business and Law12457
42Department of Sociology223825
42Leeds Business School2233039
42School of Sport and Service Management1232037
45Department of Political Science and Public Management5221143
46Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences121281344
47Department of Sociology and Political Science22058119
48Faculty of Social Sciences41943107
48Department of Sociology11998105
48School of Education1197165
51School of Foreign Languages2182028
51Department of Political Science2182128
53School of Business and Social Sciences11785108
53Department of Management11782101
53Department of Communication Sciences and Sociology21715
53Department of Literature11724
57School of Psychology216128211
57School of Education1162232
57Department of Sociology1166172
57Medical School116238274
61Department of Political Science and International Studies1156471
61Department of Sociology115105134
61Faculty of Law1156351
61Department of Management and Marketing11513
65Department of English and Creative Writing21411
66Department of Linguistics1121621
66Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences3121237
66Department of Political Science and Sociology21211
69School of Geography and the Environment111212280
69Faculty of Management1117888
69Department of Sociology31142164
72School of Public Health11087129
72Department of Radio-Television-Film1102430
72Department of Media Studies210425
72Faculty of Health Sciences110310416
72Department of Television-Radio11022
72Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies210214
78Social Sciences Department1911
78Department of Sociology19113185
78School of Education193858
81School of Sociology and Social Policy18116175
81Department of Political Science182631
81Cardiff Business School18148210
81Department of Media Studies and Production1869
81Faculty of Arts and Humanities1835
81Department of Sociology184987
81Department of Media Studies and Journalism2811
88Graduate School of Medicine17591715
88Department of Science and Technology Studies172425
88Department of Sociology1717
88Department of Political Economy176282
88Department of Political Science17510
88Communication and Cultural Studies37322
94Department of Emergency Medicine162127
94Department of Media Studies1611
94School of Languages and Translation Studies161314
94Faculty of Business Administration and Economics161032
94Department of Sociology161233
94School of Education and the Arts161020
94School of Social Sciences165988
94Faculty of Social Sciences165681
94Department of Communication and Media Studies1611
94Department of Political Science161012
94Department of Business Administration2613
105School of Political Science and International Relations1533
105Center for Bioethics154766
105School for International Studies151943
105Department of Political Science157292
105Department of Sociology and Human Geography15119186
105School of Agriculture and Food Sciences15231334
105Department of African Languages15611
105College of Literature and Journalism1548
105Faculty of Leadership and Management25310
105Department of Linguistics and English Language153573
115Department of Sociology143978
115School of Social and Political Science24114265
115Department of Sociology and Communication14723
115School of Education141837
115Department of Political Science141625
115Department of Psychology14144197
115School of Applied Psychology14203293
115Department of History1434
115Department of Languages2411
115School of Social Sciences1413
125Department of Political Science131839
125Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine1350128
125Faculty of Medicine13351537
125Institute of Clinical Medicine13263388
125School of Business and Economics1389129
125Faculty of Sociology and Social Work131628
125Department of Psychology and Sociology1369119
125Department of Geography135991
125School of Human and Social Sciences1324
125College of Social Sciences2311
125School of History13811
125Department of Psychology1379140
125Department of Management131333
125Department of Psychology and Counselling13414
125Department of Philosophy1323
125Faculty of Languages and Communication1324
125Institute of Sociology1333
125Department of Media Studies1311
125Department of Journalism and Media Studies1315
144Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science12137215
144Department of Applied Linguistics1221
144Institute of Media Studies1237
144Faculty of Medicine12480666
144Faculty of Political Science121830
144Department of Sociology and Communication Sciences12113
144Faculty of Economics and Business12721
144Faculty of Political Science122337
144Department of Information and Media Studies12922
144Department of Sociology and Anthropology12311
144Media and Cultural Studies1217
144Faculty of Languages and Linguistics122549
144School of Arts and Humanities124790
144Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication122031
144Faculty of Social Sciences12229349
144School of Foreign Languages1266
144Department of Political Science1229
161Department of History11415
161Department of Social and Political Science21313
161Department of History111838
161College of Humanities and Development Studies112974
161Department of Sociology111725
161Robert Wood Johnson Medical School11100230
161School of Social Sciences111651
161School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics11416
161Department of Geography1187178
161School of Foreign Languages11827
161Department of Social Work11512
161Department of Political Science111839
161Department of Political Science112660
161Department of History11819
161Department of Political Science113777
161School of History1169
161Department of Sociology1112
161Department of International Studies111929
161Department of Sociology11414
161School of Communication and the Arts11822
161Department of Political Science11314
182Institute of Linguistics101835
182Centre for Science and Technology Studies103149
182Department of History10820
182Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences1060145
182School of Communication and the Arts10710
182Department of Economics1057110
182School of Languages101952
182Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre1026
182Department of Psychology102267
182Department of History103562
182Institute of Philosophy104186
182Department of Media Studies1017
182Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences1076128
182College of Humanities and Social Sciences10545
182Faculty of International Studies10513
182Department of Philosophy10610
182College of Business1055112