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1International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering5,93115,33911
2IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering2,2964,76311
3Springer Briefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering1,2274,08511
4Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering1,1037,95311
5Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering9946,22011
6Journal of Big Data92337,96611
7Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering8075,61211
8Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering4171,66911
9International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Systems33231111
10Balkan Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering30962111
11ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology30060811
12International Journal of Recent Contributions From Engineering, Science & IT27974311
13CESS (Journal of Computer Engineering, System and Science)25917011
14Computer Engineering and Applications Journal21823111
15Information Technology and Computer Engineering1703211
16International Journal of Computer Engineering in Research Trends1446011
17Journal of Computer Engineering and Information Technology14116811
18Review of Computer Engineering Studies12413611
19Electrical and Computer Engineering11517911
20Cybernetics and Computer Engineering1118111
21Review of Computer Engineering Research9521511
22International Journal of Computer Engineering & Technology8617011
23JITCE (Journal of Information Technology and Computer Engineering)859611
24Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering754011
25Computer Engineering Series6027311
26Carpathian Journal of Electronic and Computer Engineering5715811
27International Journal of Informatics, Information System and Computer Engineering542011
28International Research Journal of Electronics and Computer Engineering506711
29Journal of System and Computer Engineering41211
30International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Research395211
31American Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering365811
31Journal of Renewable Energy, Electrical, and Computer Engineering361411
33Scientific Phone Apps and Mobile Devices3312211
34Al-Furat Journal of Innovations in Electronics and Computer Engineering222611
35Journal of Communications and Computer Engineering176811
36International Journal of Computer Engineering and Sciences132911
37International Journal of Computer Engineering Research101611
38Advances in Computer Engineering914011
40International Journal of Computer Engineering and Information Technology6611
41Journal of Computer Engineering and Informatics52111
42International Transactions of Electrical and Computer Engineering System3711
43International Journal of Computer Engineering & Sciences1611