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1Journal of Personality and Social Psychology41,683460268
2Social Indicators Research51,0187316
3Nature Human Behaviour2877236131
4Psychological Bulletin2709153452
5Organizational Research Methods10686335
6Journal of Happiness Studies36627920
7Frontiers in Psychology55451.2K144
8Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being549996
9Canadian Psychology1398857
10Psychological Science4384218743
11Journal of Management Studies1246384335
12Journal of Positive Psychology521935106
13International Journal of Psychology217411454
14Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior2163165
15Preventive Medicine2881.3K1.9K
16Perspectives on Psychological Science38651822
17Journal of Vocational Behavior384162589
18Journal of Personality378147592
19Journal of Applied Psychology1738761.3K
20Social Psychological and Personality Science168551462
21Milbank Quarterly167129304
22Psychological Assessment2613371.1K
23Educational and Psychological Measurement35290289
24Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science25061395
25Journal of Counseling Psychology145362563
26Personnel Psychology239122498
27Journal of Business and Psychology134257506
28European Journal of Personality132356636
29Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction22889211
30Health Psychology Open1275777
30Cross-cultural Advancements in Positive Psychology1272017
32International Journal of Testing2262582
33Nature Communications12557.8K64.5K
33Applied Psychological Measurement125176189
35Social Science and Medicine1233.9K8.4K
35Educational Technology Research and Development123344733
37Journal of Personality Assessment122451868
37Science Across Cultures12249
39International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction117358942
39Research in Occupational Stress and Well Being217428
41Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies11666244
42Emotion Review115135388
43Journal of Organizational Behavior1135641.6K
43Industrial and Organizational Psychology113278316
45Review of General Psychology11299455
45Personnel Assessment and Decisions112412
47Current Directions in Psychological Science1113101.7K
48Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences171681.5K
49Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology144671.8K
49International Journal of Community Well-Being141968
51Innovations in Education and Teaching International13120694
51Frontiers in Education132221.1K
53Journal of Experimental Social Psychology119332.4K