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#JournalArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews26971.9K742
2Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society10500465
4Applied Clay Science11171.9K824
5Catalysis Communications5110168665
7Waste Management11072.6K2.1K
8Solar Energy11063.7K2.0K
9International Journal of Hydrogen Energy2997.0K6.4K
10Materials Chemistry and Physics2952.1K1.6K
12Scientific Reports17851.9K62.6K
13Journal of Catalysis1773.4K3.7K
14Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology1652.0K1.0K
15Applied Catalysis A: General3621.4K3.8K
16Chemical Communications15625.4K25.1K
17Environmental Earth Sciences1543.3K1.8K
18Journal of Molecular Structure1537.3K3.3K
20Solid State Sciences352325856
21Microporous and Mesoporous Materials2512.1K3.9K
22Applied Thermal Engineering1485.1K5.5K
23Journal of Ethnopharmacology1465.0K5.7K
23Natural Hazards1462.0K2.2K
25Corrosion Science1442.5K3.3K
26Catalysis Today1434.2K5.1K
26Materials Letters2433.8K5.9K
28Journal of Alloys and Compounds14118.7K16.9K
29Catalysis Letters3377872.3K
31KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering1361.1K610
32Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering)9344752
33Chemical Engineering Journal2327.9K24.1K
34Food Analytical Methods1311.3K1.3K
35Engineering Geology1301.4K2.4K
35Bulletin of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Catalysis7301044
37Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials2265572.4K
38RSC Advances12539.8K48.6K
39Chinese Physics B1241.5K790
39Analytical Methods1243.8K4.7K
41Journal of Molecular Catalysis A1232.2K4.3K
41Materials and Design1233.0K7.5K
41International Journal of Photoenergy123782880
44Journal of Hazardous Materials12211.3K24.7K
44Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation122145159
46Materials Research Bulletin1212.9K5.5K
46Materials Science and Engineering C1216.2K14.4K
46Oriental Journal of Chemistry121448162
49Environmental Technology (United Kingdom)1171.8K2.9K
49Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences1017349
51Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters415120408
52Australian Journal of Chemistry2145361.7K
52Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society1141.3K1.6K
52Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology114240329
52Indonesian Journal of Chemistry31455139
56Physics Procedia1131.1K1.0K
56Biotechnology Journal1139792.9K
56Geotechnical and Geological Engineering1138721.1K
56Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education213107369
60Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis211558795
60Journal of the Textile Institute211340974
60Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers1111.3K3.8K
63Materials Research Express2101.8K6.9K
65Journal of Fluorine Chemistry191.0K2.1K
65Advances in Materials Science and Engineering191.6K3.0K
65Journal of Polymer Research191.4K3.4K
68Chemistry Letters183.3K5.1K
68Biomedical Chromatography181.3K2.8K
68International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering3892558
72AIP Conference Proceedings475.5K10.8K
72Journal of Bionic Engineering174001.1K
72International Journal of Applied Physics and Mathematics17714
75Progress in Organic Coatings161.6K4.2K
76Journal of Chemical Sciences157852.2K
77Applied Sciences (Switzerland)1418.8K52.6K
77Separation Science and Technology141.6K4.7K
77Frontiers in Chemistry141.9K10.6K
77Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences142593
77Advanced Materials Research246581.4K
82Journal of Colloid and Interface Science1310.5K29.0K
83Anais Da Academia Brasileira De Ciencias121.4K5.0K
83Journal of the Indonesian Chemical Society12817
85Ceramics International1110.4K24.3K
85Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering114832.1K
85ITB Journal of Science11946