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1Physics of Plasmas1694,423211
2Physical Review Letters553,3694611.5K
3Physical Review E4783465546
4Reviews of Modern Physics1812215559
5Physics of Fluids87083824
6Journal of Applied Physics135921.6K1.2K
7Nuclear Fusion16590431387
8IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science14283144132
9Physics Letters, Section A: General, Atomic and Solid State Physics1824474444
10Applied Physics Letters62357.4K8.8K
11Physical Review A51974.8K3.8K
12Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion14190245517
13Optics Communications21352.7K815
14Physical Review Special Topics: Accelerators and Beams1123473130
15Review of Scientific Instruments41042.0K2.3K
16Plasma Sources Science and Technology4102396475
17Journal of Plasma Physics684108198
18Physics of Fluids B58145131
19Journal of Mathematical Physics1512.7K1.2K
20European Physical Journal: Special Topics1481.3K934
21Journal of Propulsion and Power242248414
22Journal of Cleaner Production13811.8K20.4K
23Journal of Hazardous Materials13511.3K20.4K
24Fusion Science and Technology633126381
25Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications2312.6K4.2K
26AIP Conference Proceedings8282.0K2.1K
26Europhysics Letters1284.6K5.1K
28Physical Review D12314.1K14.4K
28International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer1235.0K7.2K
30Astrophysical Journal31711.8K19.7K
30JETP Letters2179821.4K
30Laser and Particle Beams217305556
33Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics1161.1K886
34Nature Communications11557.8K64.5K
35European Physical Journal D1111.8K2.6K
36Computer Physics Communications152.2K5.7K
36Journal of Fusion Energy15363561
38Optics Letters1410.5K20.5K
39Journal of Aerosol Science138482.3K
40Plasma and Fusion Research12443698
41Matter and Radiation at Extremes11201778
42Journal of Physics: Conference Series1018.4K36.1K
42Physics Today2036859
42Springer Series in Chemical Physics10294551
42IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science103417