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1Journal of Epidemiology231,0461811
2Japanese Journal of Cancer Research5561446
3Psychiatry Research13845.1K363
4International Journal of Epidemiology52896081.2K
4Cancer Science8289166287
6Cancer Letters6276195663
7International Journal of Cancer82697932.1K
9Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention51999201.2K
10Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention719518398
11Arthritis and Rheumatism11752.7K2.5K
12Cancer Causes and Control5146341596
13American Journal of Epidemiology21441.8K2.4K
14Nutrition and Cancer513770266
15Journal of Nutrition11203.8K2.4K
16Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology4116200322
17Journal of Psychosomatic Research2105707987
19Cancer Medicine1862.7K628
19Breast Cancer18633189
21Annals of Epidemiology1841.2K784
22Preventive Medicine1752.8K2.3K
23Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics172561588
24Food Nutrition Research16121
25Breast Cancer Research1601.7K2.4K
26Annals of Surgical Oncology2593.4K4.0K
27Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology45839101
28Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine1536149
29Psychosomatic Medicine2525321.6K
30Cancer Epidemiology1471.0K723
31BMC Research Notes1452.1K1.5K
32Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology239545728
33Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine53636328
34Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research234533602
35International Journal of Urology1331.0K744
36Digestive Diseases and Sciences1313.4K3.8K
38Urologia Internationalis124855752
39FEMS Immunology and Medical Microbiology1234701.1K
41PLoS ONE12049.2K64.5K
42Clinical Nutrition1192.6K5.4K
43Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids118417988
44Journal of the National Cancer Institute3171.1K8.9K
44Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences1177481.4K
44European Journal of Cancer Prevention1175571.0K
44European Journal of Epidemiology1171.4K3.7K
48Leukemia and Lymphoma1153.9K4.8K
48Journal of Clinical Epidemiology1152.4K4.7K
48The Japanese Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics115224
51International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health1147641.6K
51World Journal of Gastroenterology1145.0K12.0K
53Cancer Management and Research1131.5K3.4K
54Journal of Immunological Methods1121.3K4.2K
54Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice1122.3K5.6K
54Pathology International2123761.1K
57Journal of Gynecologic Oncology1117241.5K
59Journal of Occupational Health163461.1K
60Lancet, The1513.3K31.8K
60Journal of Infection152.1K6.7K
62American Journal of Industrial Medicine129562.4K
63Sport Sciences for Health113701.2K
64European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology101.1K3.6K
64European Journal of Cancer & Clinical Oncology10115443
64Gastric Cancer107782.5K