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#JournalArticlesCitationsR ARankR CRank
1Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics83,42784
2Communications in Mathematical Physics302,53269
3Annals of Mathematics41,106116
4IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging3603737432
5Inventiones Mathematicae45653515
6Indiana University Mathematics Journal15562306
7Physical Review Letters444114.1K12.4K
8Mathematische Zeitschrift217824821
9Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics12165238
10Journal of the American Mathematical Society31551182
11Communications in Information and Systems513015
12Journal of Scientific Computing5118177221
13Asian Journal of Mathematics310546
14Lecture Notes in Computer Science68811.6K8.6K
15Nuclear Physics B1842.4K1.7K
16Journal of High Energy Physics4838.2K8.7K
16SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences38376183
18Communications in Analysis and Geometry982112
19Journal of Mathematical Physics365925948
20Mathematische Annalen45942348
21Homology, Homotopy and Applications3551015
22Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly65316
23Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society152236132
24Numerische Mathematik144583548
25Journal of Differential Geometry84013
26Computational Methods and Function Theory13612437
27Cambridge Journal of Mathematics125217
28Journal Fur Die Reine Und Angewandte Mathematik124292262
29Journal of Mathematical Sciences122525154
30Communications in Number Theory and Physics421646
31Quantum Information Processing1191.1K980
32Computer Aided Geometric Design118278337
32Forum Mathematicum118230169
34Mathematics in Computer Science11610583
34Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures1163613
36Applied Mathematical Modelling1152.1K4.9K
36International Journal of Computer Vision1157632.0K
38IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence1141.5K4.1K
39Visual Computer1127081.4K
39Annales Henri Poincare31288585
39Annals of PDE1122677
39Science in China Series A: Mathematics31219198
44Scientific Reports21151.9K64.7K
45Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology1104371.1K
46Engineering With Computers292651.4K
47Geometry Imaging and Computing27314
48Modern Physics Letters A161.5K2.2K
48Science China Mathematics16385770
48Letters in Mathematical Physics16525886
51Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics152.4K5.2K
51Pure and Applied Mathematics1522
53American Journal of Mathematics14130606
53Mathematical Research Letters2452618
55Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations137271.5K
55Electronic Journal of Combinatorics134356
57International Journal of Modern Physics D225242.1K
57Notices of the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians20214
57International Mathematics Research Notices126442.0K
60Physical Review D1114.1K20.4K
60Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry11208582
60Japanese Journal of Mathematics11885
60Annals of Mathematical Sciences and Applications11875
64Milan Journal of Mathematics1050266