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Journal: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Year: 2013
Pages: 188, e13-e64
An Official American Thoracic Society/European Respiratory Society Statement: Key Concepts and Advances in Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Distribution of the number of citations over years.


1Annemie M W J Schols18322573183
2Louise Sewell36441136
3Daisy J A Janssen15910477159
4Frits M E Franssen21911798219
5Maureen P M H Rutten-Van Mölken23612531236
6Dina Brooks BSci, MSci40816750408
7Enrico M Clini27814999278
8Rik Gosselink20419082204
9Job van der Palen2199791219
10Milo Alan Puhan36726754367
11Anne E Holland Bappsci30916894309
12Kylie Hill1426725142
13Judith Garcia-Aymerich26614277266
14Fabio Pitta19912588199
15Carolyn L Rochester33726433
16François Maltais56717156
17Richard Casaburi34395034
18Sally J Singh16114160161
19Jean Bourbeau23922653239
20Chris Garvey332523
21Claudio F Donner427244
22Martijn A Spruit24419578244
23Thierry Troosters11716913117
24Eileen G Collins51393351
27William D-C Man1118843111